Less than a week until Early Access to Stormblood, The PDR crew is joined by FusionX from GamerEscape.com. He is able to talk with us about his experience at the Stormblood Media event held in San Francisco a few weeks ago before he flies out to cover E3. We discuss what having shared Role abilities could mean for players, get a bit of an idea what the new zones are like, and discover there is a whole island full of lava monsters just for Chille! We also are proud to announce that our entries to the HeavensDub contest won runners-up prizes! See you all in Stormblood!

Show Notes:
YouTube video: Coming Soon…
HeavensDub contest Winners: http://forum.square-enix.com/ffxiv/threads/327587-Announcing-the-Winners-of-The-Heavensdub-Contest-%28NA%29%21
The Valley-Girl of Light (Luna’s Entry): https://youtu.be/psDt0Bcvsgw
     How NOT to Pick up Women in Eorzea (Klauss & Seyrr’s Entry): https://youtu.be/BXPcS9qLrj4
GamerEscape’s Coverage of the Stormblood Media tour: https://gamerescape.com/2017/05/31/hands-on-with-final-fantasy-xiv-stormblood/

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