In the first episode of 2018, Klauss, Luna and Chille talk about many of the questions from Yoshida’s JP server tour, as well as an issue with reward codes from new FFXIV physical items. Luna shares her story oh now she got into Final Fantasy, and Chille tries his best to fill Seyrr’s shoes with lore. We have also extended our contest until January 18th, so listen how to submit your entry to win one of TWO mounts or a minion from the MogStation.

Show Notes:
Yoshi-P visits Anima server:
Yoshi-P visits Masamune, Gungnir, and Ramuh servers:
Yoshi-P server visits part 3: 

Famitsu interview with Yoshida, ultimate coil developers, and world 1st clear players
Part 1:
Part 2: 

New Years Greetings from Yoshi-P:

  1. Great show – caught the official forum chat & Reddit talk about those promotional minion account settings, & yeah… Not great. It reminded me, I’ve been picking up some of these items via Amazon JP (the official SE site in the UK is terrible on their re-stocks). Do you folks remember the first artbook? I bought that book last week, along with the Duality disc.

    Both items arrived today, & after redeeming the OST rolls on the EU Mog Station, I thought why not try the Enterprise minion, it expired some time back, it’s a shot to nothing – that code is absolutely still valid to claim & came through, no issue. Go figure!

  2. Klauss Nightbringer

    Sol, glad to hear you were able to still claim the Enterprise minion. I wouldn’t doubt that it stops working in the near future though. I hope the issue with the single character only codes for physical items is resolved soon.

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