In a recently published article from website Nova Crystallis, they talk about their interview with FFXIV director Yoshida about the current tier of raiding and what may be to come. From the article:

“The player feedback that we received with the Binding Coil of Bahamut series was they wanted more challenge, they wanted more difficult content,” Yoshida explained. “So with this feedback with Alexander we implemented two versions of the same content with Normal Mode and Savage Mode. With Savage Mode, we made it really brutal – really difficult with so many gimmicks and mechanics.

“However, we heard feedback from players that now the Savage Mode of Alexander is too difficult. For the next one we’re trying to make it easier because what we want to do is bring more people in to challenge this raid content.”

Yoshi-P also talks about player feedback in terms of the storyline, saying they would like something more engaging like the Coil story was, and he says he hopes the final chapter of Alexander brings that excitement players are asking for. {Please look forward to it!}

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