The holidays are here, and we hope everyone is in a giving mood! One of the things on our wish list is getting reviews on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, and other podcatcher programs. Its a process that takes just a few moments, but is immensely helpful to us. But we’re also feeling the giving spirit, and want to give away minions and mounts to random reviewers as a thank you. We have picked up 2 Bennu mounts, and plan on giving away a number of minions as well. Let us know what name and platform you posted your review under and you’re entered. Thanks for your support in 2016, and Happy Holidays!


Edit: Apparently Google Play Music doesn’t have a rating system yet, but you can rate on Stitcher by going to our podcast page, or by searching for us in the iTunes app on your computer or iPhone/iPod/iPad.

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