We have an English translation to FFXIV Producer/Director Yoshi-P’s response to player feedback on the new Novice Network implemented in Patch 3.2. The Official Forums post is rather lengthy, but a quick TL;DR version is as follows:

New Adventurer status will remain until players complete MSQ “Before the Fall” and have played over 168 hours OR have removed the status manually.

Mentors will be removed from the Novice network chat when they go AFK to allow for other mentors to actively participate

The Auto-Join feature will default to Off for mentors in 3.25

Considering different mentor types, eg. DoH/DoL, PvP

Possibility of new players to automatically join or display a confirmation to join the Novice network

The post goes into greater detail on the discussion that the development team has been having regarding this new feature, and hopefully it can become the place where new players can receive the assistance in the game that it was intended to be.

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