Bayohne has posted a translated post from Yoshi-P regarding the highly controversial jumping potions. The biggest thing mentioned is the fact that there will be two different types of potions; one that will bypass the story lines, and the other will jump the player’s level. From the post:

     The types of Jumping Potions

  • While often referred to as a “jumping potion,” we are actually separating this into two different potions that have different effects, so with that said I would first like to define what they are and clarify the main points that will be discussed.
    1. Story Skip Potion
  • This is a potion that will allow you to complete the progress of the main story, and it’s a shortcut through the main scenario.
  • This is currently on sale for the Chinese and Korean versions of the game under the name of “Adventuring Records of A Realm Reborn.” By purchasing this item and using it, it allows you to automatically clear through the final main scenario quest of Patch 2.55, “Before the Dawn.” I’ll speak more on the specifics of how it works below.
  • Furthermore, we’re in the midst of developing the “Adventuring Records of Heavensward” item for the Chinese and Korean versions. This is also a potion that will allow you to clear the main scenario quests through the end of Patch 3.5 Part 2.
  • To compare this to a television series, season one is A Realm Reborn, season two is Heavensward, and the newest expansion Stormblood will be season 3. With this potion, you’ll be watching the memoirs of season 1 and 2 from an inn, and then actually watching season 3. Naturally you will have to actually watch the latest season, so the short cut will only allow you to skip through to the end of the previous season.
    2. Job Jump Potion
  • This is a job leveling potion that can be applied towards a single job. We’ve prepared the potions on a job to job basis such as “Adventuring Records of the Paladin” and “Adventuring Records of the Warrior,” so it’s not the case that you will be able to use a single potion and instantly max out all of the jobs.
  • By purchasing and using this potion, the respective job will jump to level 50. (When Stormblood goes on sale, this will be upgraded to a potion that will jump the job up to level 60, and we plan to eliminate the current level 50 potion.) Furthermore, at the moment we also distribute weapons at a certain item level to go along with this, as well as multiple silver chocobo feathers, which can be exchanged for item level 130 equipment of your choosing. This will equip that job with the minimum equipment needed.
  • With this potion, the player will have to experience the main scenario for themselves, so the main usage would be for those people who want to increase their level to the previous level cap and/or level up additional jobs a bit more efficiently.
  • There are no potions for machinist, dark knight, and astrologian since these require the expansion, and we’re still discussing whether we will add them with the release of Stormblood. We’ve already decided that we will not be including potions for the new jobs that are going to be implemented with Stormblood. (This is based on the core principle that we want players to level the new jobs themselves.


Yoshida goes on to explain that in order to utilize either version of a jump potion, they must have an active service account and be playing a monthly sub. Free trial accounts are not eligible. Once these requirements have been met, the player will be able to purchase a potion from the MogStation. Currently, these potions are available for Chinese and Korean players, and cost the equivalent of about 2500 Yen (between $20-25)

Read the full post on the Lodestone.

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