Square Enix is working with mobile app developers Nexon to port the first Final Fantasy MMO to mobile devices. Final Fantasy XI servers will be shutting down in the near future, but the game will live on in this new form. In an article from website DNReviews.com, they talk about how the game experience will change with mobile:

“The mobile version of the game will have a better battle system that is much smoother and re-designed for the mobile touchscreen. Since the game is online, it will have a better cooperative system which easily brings players together on a mobile device. You will have a vast world for you to explore and meet other players. Whether you wish to trade, talk, or join forces with your friends; the options are endless. Additionally, guilds and Linkshell means of communication will be available to create an entertaining online experience and a thriving community for the players.”

You can read the full article here.

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